# Palette

We've mentioned palette.styl in Folder structure, it should be under the styles folder. Its purpose is to override global color settings. With palette.styl, you have the ability to modify not only colors but also layout. Here's what you can configure:

// colors
$accentColor = lighten(#4a154b, 50%)

$textColor = #2c3e50
$darkTextColor = #000

$borderColor = rgba($darkTextColor,.05)
$darkBorderColor = $darkTextColor

$codeBgColor = $darkTextColor

$bgColor = #fff
$headerBgColor = $bgColor;

$footerBgColor = $darkTextColor
$footerColor = #828282

$newsletterBgColor = #f8f8f8

// layout
$contentWidth = 740px

// responsive breakpoints
$MQNarrow = 959px
$MQMobile = 719px
$MQMobileNarrow = 419px

// code
$lineNumbersWrapperWidth = 3.5rem
$codeLang = js ts html md vue css sass scss less stylus go java c sh yaml py docker dockerfile makefile



Another easy approach to modify styles is index.styl (opens new window). The extra styles you add has a higher priority than what this theme provides.